Themes for Discussion:

  • The story of the Baltic people's genocide is a relatively unknown but important event in world history. Discuss why such an event could have so little awareness.
  • Meticulous research is revealed in the vivid details providing many moments for discussion throughout the novel.
  • Themes of survival, sadness, hope and oppression provide clear topics for review.
  • The simple and eloquent voice of the narrator, as well as flashbacks to life before Stalin's invasion, allow readers an intimate portrait of the characters and proves an interesting topic for exploration.
  • The combination of the author's personal connection and the history promote discussion between personal feelings and response to the story itself.
  • Readers can compare the story and themes found in Between Shades of Gray with that of the universally known Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl, including the distinctive qualities of each book, the use of art and journal to reveal history, and the settings.

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Between Shades of Gray Book Club Sheet

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